Lehigh Valley ATV Association, Inc.

The Lehigh Valley ATV Association, Inc. was formed on March 28, 1985.  The Association’s goal is to promote the fine sport of ATV’ing through safety training, public awareness, and respect for the environment.  We are predominantly a family-oriented group who enjoy riding ATV’s and having fun.

The club holds regular monthly meetings on the second THURSDAY of every month.  The club also holds a monthly ride (weather permitting) with refreshments served on the trail.  We actively promote safety and the wise, legal use of ATV’s on public and private lands.

The Lehigh Valley ATV Association works closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to develop new trails and maintain existing ones.  We have worked with the National Park Service in developing the Northeast Regional Trails Plan.  Club members follow legislation and funding issues relating to recreational trails and take action when it is warranted.  We have testified before Congress on the National Recreational Trails Act and frequently contact state and federal legislators to support issues favorable to our cause.  Our organization is well known in the Northeast.  We have a reputation for safe and responsible ATV’ing and have occasionally been called upon to assist local law enforcement agencies.

The composition of the Lehigh Valley ATV Association is extremely diverse, and that diversity makes the club stronger!  Members range in age from birth well into retirement, but don’t think that retirement slows down any of these members.  We have sportsmen, racers and recreational riders.  Typically, club rides are led by experienced ride leaders and will break into smaller groups to accommodate anyone’s riding preference.

Though the club is based in Pennsylvania, it is not exclusive to Pennsylvania.  Our group spends several weekends each year assisting the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) with a variety of projects to improve and expand outdoor facilities throughout Pennsylvania and neighboring states if requested.  These projects accumulate many volunteer hours and help the club maintain a high regard with government agencies.  As a result of the many volunteer hours and projects the club participates in, LVATV was approved for a Federal Trails Fund Grant. The grant was used to acquire trail maintenance equipment for maintaining trails and developing new ride areas.

Newsletters are regularly sent to every club member and are also mailed to agencies and groups that deal with ATV’s in general.  The newsletter consists of dates and details about planned activities, information on trails, stories about rides, changes in laws, technical information, club ATV test results, accessories, clothing and ATV’s for sale as well as dealer information.  Free advertising is available to members who perform trades or have other types of skills to market, as well as those members requesting services.

The club sponsors social activities, including a Christmas Party, long weekend rides, day trips, safety training, a summer picnic, participation in parades, supporting dealer activities and open houses, test-riding new products and helping non-profit and charitable organizations.

As a member of this fine organization you will find places to ride and improve your skills with people that share the same interests.  Members have ridden many thousands of miles while demonstrating their commitment to preserving the environment and practicing safe and responsible ATV’ing.

LVATV frequently plans long weekend excursions to Pennsylvania locations such as Sproul State Forest, Potter County, and Marienville in the Allegheny National Forest.  We also travel to many other interesting areas in New York and neighboring states.  It sure beats riding around your backyard and irritating your neighbors!  Being with a group that knows their way around the deep woods is very reassuring when you are miles from civilization.  You won’t find a more diverse group of members always willing to help you do whatever it takes to get you and your ATV on the trail. 

Although the monthly club rides are great experiences for members of all ages and abilities, you will frequently discover many different groups getting together between these club excursions to explore new or special interest areas.  With our club, there is never a lack of people who want to ride.  They can be found riding every weekend, and activities are planned to keep an individual or family having fun all year.  The only way this sport can continue to grow is through organization.